Logitech M525

Logitech M525 Driver, Software, Manual, Setup Download for Windows 10, 8, 7, macOS – The Logitech M525 a Wireless mouse that supplies both conveniences as well as convenience. Initially, you can utilize it without being connected by wires to your computer system– feel free to browse the web, scroll with records, or click photos at your leisure from your sofa or anywhere else. Considering that it utilizes 2.4 GHz innovation, this provides quick information transmission and also basically no delays or dropouts. To begin, connect the little Unifying receiver right into an available USB port on your computer. If you intend to, you can also connect up to six Unifying-compatible gadgets.

Logitech M525 Drivers, Software, Manual, Setup, Download

The M525 is made to boost your productivity, beginning with its micro-precise scroll wheel. Since it has more grooves, it will certainly allow you to relocate quicker when moving up and also down on websites or files. The laser-grade optical sensing unit tracks over pretty much any type of surface, with the exception of glass or mirrors.

Convenience is essential when spending long hours at your computer system, as well as the M525 excels in this division too. It has an ergonomic shape with soft rubber holds that comply with your hand. You’ll be glad to know that you can make use of the mouse for approximately three years prior to requiring to transform them, and there’s even a clever sleep mode to conserve power. Do not bother with any unwanted shocks, either– a sign light lets you understand when they’re getting low. The mouse works with Windows, Mac, and also Linux operating systems for cross-platform flexibility. And also finally, the portable size of the M525 Wireless Mouse allows you to take it practically anywhere.

Logitech M525 Wireless Mouse. This computer system accessory features sophisticated innovation for dependability and also fast data-transmission right away or drop-outs to boost your efficiency in the house or job. This mouse likewise has advanced Optical Innovation so it functions smoothly on any kind of surface as well as has 4-way scrolling so you can wind via records and web sites. And also, its unifying adapter allows you to connect as much as 6 suitable devices without giving up much-needed USB ports. Do with soft rubber side holds that conform to your hand for an extra comfortable hold.

The Logitech Wireless Mouse M525 is suggested for the small and medium-sized hands. The dimension is not as well tiny as well as not also large either, which means it fits perfectly well in the hands of the average Filipino user. That likewise implies that the Logitech Wireless Mouse M525 is light as well as simple to bring about.

The scroll wheel is very unusual. It’s something I have not run into prior to. Logitech calls it a micro-precise wheel due to the fact that it loads extra grooves per millimeter. The effect of scrolling action is amazing. It’s ultra-sensitive as well as scrolls web pages smoothly as well as quickly. The drawback, nevertheless, is it really feels unnatural to scroll backward and forwards. Often it simply really feels too smooth like there are no groves whatsoever or that the scroll is also loosened. It gets a little obtaining utilized to yet it’s not a poor point in any way. The scroll wheel has a hidden integrated tilt activity. The scroll wheel is clickable sideways for back as well as ahead functions as well as if you’re one that wants these actions in just one area, knowing that your mouse has them as a built-in function is definitely nice to recognize. If you still choose the forward and back buttons on the browser, you can just act that the tilt wheel is not therein.

Logitech M525 Specs

Brand Logitech
Model/Type Logitech M525
Wireless Protocol 2.4 GHz
Wireless Range Up to 33 Feet or 10 Meters
DPI 1000 Max
USB Speed Full-speed
USB Protocol USB 2.0
Sensor Type Optical, Visible light: No, Light color: No
Software Support SetPoint 6.3, Connection Utility: Unifying, Mouse Programmable

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Logitech Software Download

  • Author: Logitech
  • Free and Secure
  • Categories: Wireless Mouse
  • OS: Windows, Mac

below is Logitech software for you, before you download, first see the device you are using or the type/model you are using, available for OS Windows 10, 8, 7, macOS, 32-bit / 64-bit as well.

Logitech Options

Logitech Options software lets you customize your device’s settings as follows:

  • Software Version: 8.20.329
  • Last Update: 2020-05-19
  • OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • File Size: 198 MB

Download Now

  • Software Version: 8.20.233
  • Last Update: 2020-05-19
  • OS: macOS 10.15, macOS 10.14, macOS 10.13
  • File Size: 95 MB

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Firmware Update Tool

The Firmware Update Tool, allows you to update your Logitech wireless receivers and select keyboards to the latest firmware.

  • Software Version: 1.2.169
  • Last Update: 2019-08-20
  • OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 x64-bit
  • File Size: 14.7 MB

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  • Software Version: 1.2.169
  • Last Update: 2019-08-20
  • OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 x86-bit
  • File Size: 13.3 MB

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  • Software Version: 1.0.69
  • Last Update: 2019-10-04
  • OS: macOS 10.12, macOS 10.13,macOS 10.14, macOS 10.15
  • File Size: 3.8 MB

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Logitech Control Center

LCC lets you customize your mouse and keyboard on your Mac.

  • Software Version: 3.9.11
  • Last Update: 2019-12-18
  • OS: macOS 10.15, macOS 10.14, macOS 10.13
  • File Size: 21.6 MB

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Logitech Preference Manager

Lets you toggle between standard and enhanced key functions on your Mac, displays battery status, and more.

  • Software Version: 4.10.20
  • Last Update: 2014-10-20
  • OS: Mac OS X 10.8.x,  Mac OS X 10.9.x,  Mac OS X 10.10.x
  • File Size: 59 MB

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Logitech G HUB

Logitech G HUB Software lets you customize Logitech G gaming mice, keyboards, headsets, speakers, and other devices

  • Software Version: 2020.4.47660
  • Last Update: 2020-06-10
  • OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • File Size: 35.6 MB

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  • Software Version: 2020.4.47660
  • Last Update: 2020-06-10
  • OS: macOS 10.15,macOS 10.14,macOS 10.13
  • File Size: 28.7 MB

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SetPoint lets you customize your mouse, keyboard, touchpad and number pad settings in Windows.

  • Software Version: 6.69.126
  • Last Update: 2019-04-25
  • OS: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10 x32-bit
  • File Size: 80.2 MB 

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  • Software Version: 6.69.123
  • Last Update: 2019-02-01
  • OS: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10 x64-bit
  • File Size: 82.6 MB

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Logitech Unifying Software

Lets you add and remove devices that use a Unifying receiver

  • Software Version: 2.50.25
  • Last Update: 2010-03-30
  • OS: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP (or older), Windows 10
  • File Size: 4 MB

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  • Software Version: 1.3.375
  • Last Update: 2019-10-07
  • OS: macOS 10.15
  • File Size: 3.8 MB

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  • Software Version: 1.0.1
  • Last Update: 2014-12-19
  • OS: Chrome OS
  • File Size: 990 KB

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Touch Mouse Server for Windows

  • Software Version: 1.0
  • Last Update: 2010-03-30
  • OS: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP (or older) x32-bit
  • File Size: 2.5Mb

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  • Software Version: 1.0
  • Last Update: 2010-03-30
  • OS: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP (or older) x64-bit
  • File Size: 2.5Mb

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Logitech Gaming Software

Lets you customize functions on Logitech gaming mice, keyboards, headsets, speakers, and select wheels.

  • Software Version: 8.82.151
  • Last Update: 2016-03-30
  • OS: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10 x64-bit
  • File Size: 119.4 MB

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  • Software Version: 9.02.65
  • Last Update: 2018-10-08
  • OS: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10 x32-bit
  • File Size: 111.7 MB

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  • Software Version: 9.02.22
  • Last Update: 2020-01-18
  • OS: macOS 10.15,macOS 10.14,macOS 10.13,macOS 10.12
  • File Size: 213.1 MB

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Logitech Connection Utility

Restores the connection between devices and non-Unifying wireless receivers

  • Software Version: 2.20.28
  • Last Update: 2016-05-11
  • OS: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10
  • File Size: 1.1 MB

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How to Install

  • Click the link, select [ Save ], specify “Save As”, then click [ Save ] to download the file.

Memo :

  • If you select [ Run ] ( or [ Open ] ) instead of [ Save ], the file will be automatically installed after it is saved.
  1. The downloaded file will be saved in the specified place in the self-extracting form ( .exe format ).
  2. Double-click the downloaded EXE file to decompress it, then installation will start automatically.
  1. Download the file. For the location where the file is saved, check the computer settings.
  2. Double-click the downloaded file and mount it on the Disk Image.
  3. Double-click the mounted Disk Image.
  4. Double-click the packaged file in the folder. Installation starts automatically.

Getting Started – Manual

Getting Started Guide (PDF)

Download Now


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